Potato Bin Dumper (Bauer Gear Motros | Model BK80)

October 19, 2015

A leading manufacturer of food processing equipment needed a reliable gear motor for use on a new potato bin dumper. The OEM’s customer had been using bin dumpers with hydraulic cylinders that lifted and lowered the bins. However, ongoing maintenance issues and leaks caused the end user to look for an electric gear motor solution.

Bauer supplied BK80 models which were mounted to a 4 in. dia. shaft. Motor speed and shaft rotation during lifting and lowering were controlled by a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive). The BK gear motors provided 90,000 in. lbs. (10,168 Nm) of torque at 1.1 RPM. Each custom unit was packaged with a torque arm, a single-disc holding brake, and a shrink disc. The models also featured CORO3 epoxy coating for enhanced corrosion protection.

The BK80 models performed flawlessly during customer testing under load for 500 hours, which simulated usage by two shifts per day for one month.


  • Custom BK80 Series helical bevel geared motors
  • Hardened wear sleeve and spray ring
  • Complies with NA and International standards, including NEMA, IEC, CSA and CE
  • Torque rating: 90,000 in. lbs. (10,168 Nm)
  • Low noise gearing
  • IP65 Enclosure (Standard), IP66 (Optional)
  • Completely enclosed, sealed against dust and moisture
  • CORO3 epoxy coating corrosion protection

Read the full story by visiting Bauer Gear Motor’s website.

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Potato Bin Dumper (Bauer Gear Motros | Model BK80)