Fish Processing Lines with AspecticDrive with PMSMs (Bauer Gear Motor)

April 6, 2015

Bauer AsepticDrive PMSMs are designed to meet the special demands of food processing washdown environments and meet the IE4 efficiency requirement. The motors have smooth surfaces and no cooling fins, corners or holes where bacteria can collect. Food-grade oil is used in the motors and high-pressure cleaning won’t damage the paint coating.


  • Units are ideal for use in food processing, washdown environments
  • Motors comply with IE4 energy efficiency class
  • Aseptic paint coating causes water to drip off surfaces ( Superhydrophobicity )
  • Paint is acid and alkali resistant
  • Coating is FDA and NSF listed
  • Unique motor housing design eliminates cooling ribs and fan areas

Read the full story by visiting Bauer Gear Motor’s website.

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Fish Processing Lines  with AspecticDrive with PMSMs (Bauer Gear Motor)