Low-Speed Concept (Linde Hydraulics HMV-02)

Variable Displacement Motors for Open and Closed-Circuit Operation.

Hydraulic motors by Linde Hydraulics with optimized low-speed properties make it possible to apply a smooth and uninterrupted road cover. Linde technology provided on a smooth level.

Standard hydraulic motors at low speeds in their starting phase cannot generate the necessary torque. Therefore, the power of the fast spinning hydraulic motors has to be reduced by means of several step gearboxes down to the speed needed on the wheel. Somewhat higher windage losses and poorer mechanical efficiency are benevolently accepted in this context.

Quite the opposite holds true for the motors by Linde Hydraulics: The hydraulic motors of the Linde Hydraulics Series 02 are capable of transmitting the required torque even at low-speed and make it possible to start smoothly and sensitively. Therefore, additional gear ratios for rpm reduction are not necessary.

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Low-Speed Concept (Linde Hydraulics HMV-02)