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For many years, Parker Hannifin has been a major supplier of quality components and system solutions to the agricultural machine industry, with manufacturing and engineering facilities around the world, ensuring global aftermarket support.

GS Global Resources is proud to be affiliated with Parker. 

The intelligent way to higher productivity 

IQAN by Parker is a flexible electronic control system containing all functions for total system solutions. With the user-friendly software tool IQANdesign, you can build advanced machine functions without programming skills.  The system is supported in the field by highly developed service and diagnostic capabilities. With Parker IQAN, you can increase machine performance and reliability!

Integrated functionality

Customized system blocks simplify installation and servicing. Pre-assembled and tested, they offer excellent value in reducing assembly and installation costs. Save on aftermarket purchases and servicing!

Proportional load sensing valves for the agricultural industry

Function-optimized valves with dedicated spools for each function, in a range of sizes for system requirements between 50 and 300 l/min pump flow. The flow sharing function harmonizes operation when the flow requirement exceeds the available pump flow.

Parker Gear pumps and motors

A wide range of heavy duty gear pumps and motors for long, reliable service life in demanding environments. Integrated functions for priority, brake charging, unloading and other value-added features.

Open center valves optimized for tractor applications

The spool design is the key to eliminating interference between simultaneously operated functions. Dedicated spools for every function on the tractor makes operation very efficient.

Stay tough on tough jobs

A wide range of customized cylinders with service-friendly designs, cushioning and integrated valve functions. Designed to deliver sustained high performance over a long service life.

Added life by adding Parker Filtration solutions

Parker Filtration’s innovative product manufacturing and technology extends the life and increases the reliability of agricultural machinery and systems. In addition to a wide range of hydraulic filter solutions, fuel filters, and reservoir accessories, Parker offers 28,000 Parfit interchange filter elements and advanced fluid condition monitoring with the Parker icount LaserCM portable particle counter and the Parker icountPD particle detector. A comprehensive range of quality products to cover all your needs.

Take control of your transmission

The new range of transmission control cartridge valve products provides the same molded solenoid coil technology as before, designed into a single piece construction. The cavity is now a slip-in design to allow easier installation, as well as lowering the price. These new products enable Parker to cover all your transmission control requirements, such as differential locks, PTOs, power shifts, power shuttles, clutch operations, etc.

True Ground Speed Sensor

Parker’s True Ground Speed Sensors (TGSS) use a microwave signal and the Doppler effect to measure ground speed accurately for mobile equipment. The TGSS provides a reliable output speed sensor with a rugged enclosure for diverse surface conditions.

Store energy

Our complete range of CE- approved bladder and piston accumulators maintains high pressure for safe braking, maneuvering, and smooth ride control. Greater system efficiency and reduced pump sizes give longer life, lower costs and reduced noise levels.

ISObus system components

Parker’s ISObus products offer effortless implementation of the ISO 11783 standard for agricultural equipment industry improving system performance and productivity. Parker’s certified ISObus virtual terminal is an interface for the operator to control CAN-based vehicle and auxiliary equipment’s from a central display via a suitable network interconnection unit, regardless of the equipment manufacturer. Parker’s implement controller offers an interconnection device, providing a quick and economical way for the implement to communicate with the vehicle using ISObus standard.

Efficient torque generation

Gerotor motors with high efficiency, low speed, and high torque, well suited for agricultural applications like conveyor drives, wheel drives, reel drives, etc.

Quiet power

Parker’s P1 variable piston pump line is characterized by a compact, lightweight design, and high flexibility as well as a wide operating temperature capability and reduced noise emissions. Designed for operating pressures up to 280 bar, it is a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications.

Hard working motors

Heavy duty piston, vane and gear motors featuring extensive speed range, small envelope sizes, integrated functions, high starting torque and optimal efficiency. They are frequently used in applications such as flail mowers, air seeder cooling fans, slurry tankers, etc.

Lower noise

The broad range of the latest Parker Denison vane pumps and motors range will allow a good compromise between low noise and pressures up to 300 bars.

Ergonomic operation

A range of linear and joy-stick levers for pilot control adapted to the specific demands of agricultural machines and recognized for good maneuvering capabilities. Options include multi-function handles and mechanical as well as solenoid detents.

Compact Hydraulics

Delivering rugged, reliable power, right where it’s needed, free-standing compact power units and actuators are ideal for attachment locks, rake lifts, and blade arm positioners.

Hard working pumps for direct PTO mounting

400 bar rated pumps, ideal for all sorts of harvesting equipment.  The pumps are available with the single flow, twin flow or variable flow to suit constant flow as well as load sensing systems.

Tie it all together

Parker’s extensive line of hoses, fittings, couplings and assembly machines give you a complete package for efficient and leak free installations.

GS Global Resources is your reliable and knowledgeable source for Parker products and solutions.

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Agricultural Machines | Dedicated Products and Solutions (Parker)