Affinity Water saves £0.3 million by using Danfoss Drives

Danfoss VLT® AQUA Drives recently installed at the Chertsey Water Treatment works of Affinity Water are forecast to deliver savings of more than a third of a million pounds in running costs over their 20-year lives compared with the ‘next best’ solution offered for the project.


For many years, four high lift pumps at Chertsey Water Treatment works have each been controlled by a 500 kW 12-pulse variable speed drive operating at 675 V. Recently, however, these aging drives had become increasingly unreliable and difficult to maintain. In addition, Affinity Water knew that they were much less energy efficient than their modern counterparts. The company therefore decided that the time had come to replace the drives.

Key requirements for the replacements were that they should deliver the best possible energy efficiency, that they should meet G5/4 harmonic requirements and that they should be suitable for use with pump motors with insulation that was non-compliant with IEC 60034-25 curve B for 690 V inverter use. Having surveyed the market for suitable drive solutions, Affinity Water was ultimately able to narrow the choice to two alternatives. One of these was based on VLT® AQUA Drives with active harmonic filters while the other used drives incorporating active front-end (AFE) technology.


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Affinity Water saves £0.3 million by using Danfoss Drives