High-Performance Transmission Crop-Sprayers (Poclain Hydraulics)

Reduce fuel consumption with Poclain MHP motor, PW Pump.

What is a TwinDrive™ solution? By using two pumps assembled in tandem, TwinDrive™ solutions provide an instantaneous and automatic traction control solution, without compromising the overall transmission efficiency.

The sprayer equipped with the Poclain Hydraulics transmission overperformed by far the original transmission. Overall behavior and driving feelings were excellent (more reactive, easier to control and quieter during high-speed driving sequences). Even if those performances are not easy to convert in numbers, for sure, the low level of noise added to better steering capabilities are positively influencing the overall driving comfort level. When it comes to fuel economy, results were impressive: on the global cycle (on the road + on the field), Poclain Hydraulics measured 14%* overall improvement directly related to the hydraulic transmission efficiency, and 30% improvement when the EcoDrive™ mode was activated. During the loop of 14 km on the road, the EcoDrive™ saved 3 liters of fuel in 20 minutes at 42 kph average. Temperature stabilization was the other evidence of the efficiency improvement, with the fluid being stabilized at 12°C below the level of the original high-speed motor and gearbox combination.

View MHP specifications here. Read full Case Study here.

Ref. Poclain Hydraulics


High-Performance Transmission Crop-Sprayers (Poclain Hydraulics)