GS Global Resources specializes in innovative rotary position sensor technology. GSGRs sensors are designed with a patented non-contact magnetic assembly that allows up to ½” (12mm) air gap between sensor face and element. GSGRs true non-contact sensors replace the standard shaft/bearing assembly with a rare-earth magnetic coupling that is superior to other manufacturers and meets application needs for high-performance position sensor solutions.


GSGR specialized in today’s latest technology and assists OEM manufactures with designing and implementing cost saving technologies with integrated solutions. When performance matters, GSGRs absolute rotary encoders are your best choice. Our absolute encoders retain your position data and detect motion even when your system is powered down, and are an excellent choice in systems that require a failsafe operation. GSGRs J1939 rugged magnetic encoder’s work in combination with programmable electronic display control systems that are designed to provide guidance in harsh industrial environments including Industrial Sewer Cleaning Truck, Vacuum Trucks, and Jet/Vac Systems.

  • Accurate, intelligent counter built specifically to meet the demands harsh environments
  • Provides a precise distance count every time, even when powered down (Zero Power)
  • Works with CAN-bus monitoring systems allowing the operator to observe and troubleshoot their entire system (CAN/J1939 protocol)

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