Remote Monitoring and Telematics

GS Global Resources (GSGR) CAN-Bus Engineered System Solutions And Integration.


In working with our supply chain we offer our OEMs a powerful solution set for telematics that complements our strength and knowledge in electronic controls and measurement devices for working machines and off-highway equipment.

GS Global Resources recognizes the world’s rapid evolution of this technology and is focused on providing robust, flexible hardware with software components that allow us to integrate a customized solution for your fleet of mobile vehicles or machines.

GSGR brings the latest in remote monitoring and telematics to off-road vehicles that operate in harsh environments. We offer standard monitoring packages, with the ability to custom program the right package based on your specific needs. GSGR supplies IQAN controllers with an enabled “troubleshooting” mode whereby a technician can now remotely monitor the data being processed and displayed via a remote website. The information is transmitted and posted as quickly as it is available on the network. To enable the Web-based viewing, managing, and hosting of the remote data – the system includes features such as – password-protected login, category-specific user profiles & access, and the use of the OEMs logo, and Telematic modules that offer you the option of remote maintenance and service just to name a few.

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