Radio Remote Controls

GS Global Resources (GSGR) A Global Leader In Industrial Systems Integration And Wireless Technology Solutions For Mobile Hydraulic Applications.


We offer OEMs a wide range of innovative hydraulic interface controls that are cost-effective, delivering precision control, enhanced safety, and custom engineered solutions that are designed to meet your exact specifications.

By integrating a wireless controller solution with a CAN network, including operator feedback, GS Global Resourceswireless radio controls provide you with a cost-effective, efficient and safe control network.

GS Global Resources expertise in wireless radio remote technology solutions satisfy requirements in diverse applications such as industrial lifting & handling machinery, waste treatment & environment protected machinery, mobile and industrial equipment, and more, all aimed at finding OEMs the most reliable and optimal solution in terms of safety, functionality, and reliability. Our team of engineers guides and works with our customers to analyze their specific application and machine requirements, resulting in solutions that are optimized for each particular application. Anything that can be switched, (On/Off, Up/Down, Vertical/Horizontal), or can send and receive data, can be done with

GSGRs wireless technology and integrated solutions in partnership with our supplier, provide state-of-the-art crane control and operating systems that offer fully proportional hydraulic valve control.

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