Service Control Handheld Pendant

Power Solutions for Demanding Applications.


As shown here, our wind power solutions follow industry demands and follow along with the very strict operation and user-interface guidelines. Our control pendants and wireless control systems give machine operators ergonomic design with convenient operation, and safety. The primary function of the control system is to maintain the machines operating parameters within their normal limits and to keep the user of any type of equipment at a safe distance.

  • Cost-optimized pendant solutions, with robust control
  • Ergonomic designs that provide comfort and prevent fatigue
  • Various button models to choose from, IP/NEMA rated

With Apem Panel Mounting LED Indicator Series and Deutsch Series environmental connectors offering advantages of decreased costs and upgraded performance. Designed to withstand years of abuse.   Maximatecc VI 3.5 inch, J1939 full-color instrumentation panel.

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