GS Global Resources (GSGR) Specializes In Designing Custom Manifolds To Meet Your “Specific” Application Needs.

GS Global Resources understanding of manifold design allows us to give the OEM the essential advantage they need. Our custom integrated hydraulic circuits range from relatively simple assemblies to highly complex integrated circuits.

The hydraulic manifold is the component that regulates the flow of fluid between pumps, actuators, and other hydraulic components within your hydraulic system, distributing hydraulic oil throughout the circuit. The flow of pressurized oil is regulated by hydraulic valves that are installed within the manifold and then directed through hoses to a hydraulic motor or cylinder (work device).

We specialize in hydraulic manifold designs that are CAN-based solutions, providing the end user with improved function and control.

Your integrated circuit could also contain mobile or industrial style directional control valve sections, pressure filtration solutions, and electronic control feedback devices. We work closely with our customer’s, every step of the way from concept through production launch and beyond.

Considerations when designing a custom manifold specific to your circuit:

With GS Global Resources integrated manifold circuits, you can expect to achieve what seemed to be the impossible. The final design is limited “only” by your imagination.

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