Lube Units

GS Global Resource (GSGR) is the global expert in hydraulic and lubrication system solutions. GSGR provides all types of engineered – customized lubrication solutions, in addition to our standard components, around the world. GSGRs engineered expertise in lubrication systems enables us to take a systems approach to a complete design solution.


GSGRs Lubrication Systems for Industrial and Mobile markets are engineered and built to prolong the life of the machine, increase productivity, and reduce down time. Whether your equipment is off-road or on-road, having the right lubrication system in place saves time and money. Our system solutions can be supplied as a stand-alone or as a complete system solution. Utilizing design software in conjunction with our certified engineers, GSGR has the ability to design, build the right lube system that is best-suited for your application. With over 40 years of knowledge, GSGR supports OEMs to optimize their designs while still in the development stage. Our team of specialized engineers and experts work with our OEM customers to design a complete package solution that consistently meets precise quality standards.

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