Joystick Assemblies

Giving The OEM The Right Joystick, One That Performs Consistently Under All Conditions.

At GS Global Resources we understand that joystick control is the foundation of the machine performance. Reliability in harsh environments and the ability to meet the particulars of a customer’s needs is a critical machine component. From reliable, high-performance, cost-effective, to providing you with the right solution, GSGR knows how to integrate the right joystick control solution with your machine/applications needs.

Our emphasis is on quality and reliability, all mobile industrial joysticks are specifically engineered to high standards ensuring your operations and equipment are always on the move.  Computerized controlled engines along with CAN-bus PLC controls, GS Global Resources electronic joysticks are the most popular choice when it comes to machine control. Our engineered joystick solutions are by far the easiest solution for the OEM when it comes to system integration. And we are there with the OEM every step of the way, working side by side with you during the process.

When it comes to customization, GS Global Resources has extensive experience in CAN programming to integrate the joystick with control systems. Our rugged joystick controllers are designed for demanding operator control application in on or off-highway vehicles and other man-machine interfaces. Utilizing our 3D design tools and rapid handle prototyping capabilities, GSGR can quickly turn the impossible into reality.

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GSGR Joystick Brochure (View Here)