Gas Engines

GS Global Resources (GSGR) builds power units to meet your specific application needs. By combining GSGRs engineered solutions with quality products, GSGR gives you the “right” power unit to fit your needs, from frame mounted or other mounting variation to fit your application, ensuring that you’re gas driven unit provides consistent, reliable performance.


GSGR engineers and builds custom gasoline hydraulic power units to meet the “specific” needs to your application, powering up scaffolding platforms, machinery, and processing equipment such as asphalt & concrete equipment, industrial maintenance machines, and more. GSGRs gas hydraulic power units are powered by dependable well-known brands, such as Honda engines. We design hydraulic power units to your specific requirements. From “L” shaped tanks, power units with a submergible pump, or a pump that is mounted externally, single stage to two stage pumps, along with a wide range of valve options …all configured to your specific application needs. From AC to DC units, 12 volts, 24 volts, horizontal or vertical, radio remote controlled or wired pendant, frame mount to other mounting variations, IQAN controlled… the options are endless. Systems can also be manufactured with heavy-duty reservoirs and a frame, for those who are looking for a very rugged package solution.

  • Choices (engine, mounting, valve, quiet operation)
  • Improved adaptability & improved fuel efficiency
  • High output performance and reliability. Built to meet your application needs, with well-known quality brands

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