Food & Beverage Systems

All food processing equipment should be designed, used, and maintained with food safety principles in mind. GS Global Resources Engineered Solutions along with our Allied Manufacturer’s electrical products help ensure the highest level of food safety, reliability, and performance in the food industry.

Designed for safety in food & beverage applications our HPU’s are engineered to meet, or exceed, stringent food safety guidelines and recommendations. These sanitary design principles ensure that our products provide the best solution for all harsh wash down conditions.

Motors feature AISI 304 series/EN1.4301 stainless steel that can withstand:

  • Caustic
  • High pressure
  • high temperature (176°F/80°C) sanitary wash down applications
  • Wash down motors that are designed for long lasting performance in the harsh environments of the food and beverage industry
  • Food grade washdown duty motors that are rated NEMA Premium®
  • Premium solutions for high-pressure wash down applications

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