Grease Lube Systems

GS Global Resources (GSGR) Designs and Manufacturers Lubrication and Grease Systems To Lubricate Multiple Points On A Machine.


From industrial to heavy-duty mobile equipment applications.

Whether it is a standard product package or a customized design perfected to meet the specific needs of your application, we offer a full range of lubricating systems to satisfy your diverse machinery needs.

GS Global Resources skilled engineers work with our suppliers and customers to ensure the design of GSGRs systems provide the necessary lubrication to all grease points.  The HPU shown here is used in the mining industry to pump grease to the bearing on the Spider. Our products are designed with the durability you need, even in harsh environments found in the mining industry, agricultural and construction machinery, and more.

GS Global Resources grease systems run easy, run long, and are trouble-free, with a continuous application of grease, resulting in improved life of your equipment.

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