GS Global Resources (GSGR) Can Integrate The Optimal Cylinder Solution Into Your Hydraulic System.


We supply a wide variety of engineered cylinder designs and options for industrial and mobile OEMs that are highly efficient. Low-friction seals can be incorporated to improve system performance when needed.

GS Global Resources supplies custom cylinder solutions to many industries, including mining, waste management, construction, aerial, drilling, agricultural, and much more. We take your specifications and requirements into the design of each application. Our integrated hydraulic cylinders combine a pump, motor, line-mounted valves or manifolds, hoses, fittings, and a reservoir into one assembly giving OEMs a self-contained custom plug & play package for easy installation and reductions of potential leak points.

For fine positioning closed-loop motion control, GSGR can implement a variety of internal or external position sensors and pressure transducers.

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