GSGR GS15031-131 AL130

Air Cooled (air-to-oil), Nominal Heat Rejection: 67 HP.

The GS Global Resources GS15031-131 AL130 Offline Cooling System allows for cooling of gearboxes and reservoir solutions without impacting existing plumbing of the system.

  • Cooler is a compact system for removing approximately 67 HP of heat continuously from hydraulic or lubrication system
  • Efficient size cooling solution allows for installation in tight areas and is ready to install
  • Compact solution utilizes proven air cooler cores allowing for cooling of thick lube oils
  • System comes with thermal bypass valve and is protected from over pressure
  • Three-phase multi voltage premium efficient dual shafted motor is rated for outdoor use which allows the cooling system to be installed in most applications
  • Double shafted motor solution with gear pump allows for pumping of fluids from ISO150 to ISO320
  • Gear pump has a double shaft seal for pumping of very thick fluid
  • Pump is designed for high vacuum inlet condition
  • All cooler systems can be customized to your particular needs including additional filtration and monitoring
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Electric Motor Information - -
7.5 HP at 60 Hz (208, 230, and 460V 3-phase) 1160 RPM Amps (26.0, 28.0, and 14.0)
5.0 HP at 50 Hz (190-200/380-400V 3-phase) 960 RPM Amps (28.0-26.0, 14.0, and 13.0)
- -
Envelope Dimension L. 41.0 X W. 42.6 X H. 43.0 inches -
- -
Porting - -
Inlet - #32 JIC male 37° -
Outlet - #20 JIC male 37° -
- -
Gear Pump - -
Flow @ 60 Hz- 29.0 GPM -
Flow @ 50 Hz- 24.1 GPM -
- -
Notes: Double shaft seal for high viscosity oils is critical in ensuring proper performance. Larger suction port allows for very high viscosity pumping when oil is cold and high viscosity -

Heat Rejection

(HP)/BTU/Hour @50°F Delta Temp (67.38 HP) 171,470 BTU/Hr. @ 60 Hz -
(64.07 HP) 163,065 BTU/Hr. @ 50 Hz -


Control and Bypass Temp control - full bypass below 140°F, transition from 140°F to 165°F, no bypass after 165°F -
Relief Pressure 65 PSID relief for cooler safety -


Filtration No additional filtration on this version -
Notes Electric motors are totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV) double shafted units. The motors are premium efficient with multiple voltage ratings All motors are three-phase


Applications: - -
Industrial -


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