This is your chance to bring your skills and knowledge to life while working to build your career.

At GS Global Resources our interns and students work on projects that matter – and with a team that relies on your skills and insights to help deliver engineered solutions to market.

We offer internships in just about all job families and solution areas, and it is open to High School and College students in bachelor’s and master’s programs.

GS Global Resources Internship Program

Goodbye and thank you to all our interns that helped out over the summer. You will be missed!!

High School

Internships are a great way for high school students to gain work experience, learn about professional opportunities, and to grow their network in career and academic fields. GS Global Resources in partnership with students enrolled in the IT Academy at Mukwonago High School complete an internship their senior year and can earn up to five industry certifications before graduation.


Internships prepare students to enter careers where they will help business and industry regain or maintain their competitive edge. We place students in jobs which allow for the application of classroom-acquired skills on the job, allowing student employees to work as part of our Engineering, Quality, or Production area, allowing student employees to progress to areas of increased responsibility earned through excellent job performance.

We work with many colleges, such as MSOE, University of Wisconsin Platteville, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, University of Wisconson – Madison, and Purdue University, just to name a few.


     I could not think more highly of Jeanette Cutberth, Mr. Zelinger, Vince Kelber, or any of the people that I have worked with at GS.
     I was so fortunate to have worked with Jeanette; she is a great manager and teacher, I have learned so much from her. Her guidance was invaluable.
     I am sad to say goodbye and not see all of you every day, but I am also excited to have somewhere to look forward to coming back to on break or next summer.
     Once again thank you for this amazing opportunity.
        Christina See