Because of our people and because of our relentless pursuit of ideas that matter, GSGR customers and our community recognize we deliver value like nobody else. Our talent, scalability, and flexibility are beyond compare when it comes to understanding and overcoming everyday challenges.

Team GS

Our Promise

We solve problems—to the benefit of both internal and external customers—and therefore to the benefit of GS Global Resources and all whose lives depend on it.

Our Mission

Build a machine performance powerhouse by creating customer competitive advantage through extraordinary expertise, execution, and service, resulting in employees engaging in meaningful, satisfying careers.

Our Values

Hard working – all day, every day to earn the admiration of our co-workers, customers, and vendors

Respectful – willing to listen, with a helpful disposition, to be a valuable contributor to the team

Intelligent – to make good decisions given the knowledge we possess and to gain more knowledge to get ahead in the world (and the company)

Thoughtful – we are humans, we act like a considerate human being, showing empathy, praise, joy, and sadness  – all as a part of being a positive human

You can learn more about TEAM GS and how we come together to give to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin by visiting our Giving Back Page, and by visiting us on our FB Page.