Who We Are

GS Global Resources (GSGR) is dedicated to building a machine performance powerhouse by creating customer competitive advantage through extraordinary expertise, execution, and service, resulting in employees engaging in meaningful, satisfying careers.

A look back

GS Hydraulics was formed in 1972 by two gentlemen, Gardner and Stumbaugh, with a commitment to superior customer service, local inventory, and technical support. GS operated as a successful component distribution company for nearly 20 years.

A transformation within the fluid power industry emerged in the late 1980s: The practical integration of digital electronic controls into hydraulic systems. Kishor Patel brought to GS the desire, talent, and experience to implement engineered systems for its OEM customer base. This laid the foundation of what is now one of GS’ key strengths – a highly skilled and passionate application and design engineering team that solves problems at the intersection of fluid power and electronic control for industrial and mobile machine customers.

Some of the world’s most recognizable industrial and mobile machine OEMs have trusted GS for continuous technology and innovation transfer. On May 1, 2014, GS Hydraulics and GS North America come together as one: GS Global Resources, Inc. Read the Press Release.

GS Global Resources (GSGR) is the foremost machine performance resource trusted by OEMs who demand competitive advantage from every solution. Our customers profit from continuous technology and innovation transfer through a single point of accountability. In other words, the engineer entrusted with your satisfaction is solely judged by your success.

Our integrated application solutions perform for the life of the machine, and for the lives of the people who touch it. At GSGR, our leading engineering minds in hydraulic, electronic, mechanical and software applications simplify the complex. We use innovative, reliable technologies to speed solutions to market. Whether reacting to market forces or changing markets altogether, GSGR is essential to achieving total machine performance. Renowned as problem solvers by our customers, GSGR delivers rare technical talent, value-driven inspiration and a pragmatic approach to winning in fiercely competitive markets. From system and component design to production and market support, GSGR helps OEMs interpret, adapt and adopt technology.

In fact, it’s all about the talent and the execution. Our customers tell us they enjoy the confidence instilled by our hardworking, intelligent, respectful and thoughtful team. All GSGRs team members understand and commit to their role in delivering quality solutions where fluid power and electronic control converge. These include speed to market, improved safety, higher productivity, greater predictability and improved efficiency.

Because of our people and because of our relentless pursuit of ideas that matter, GSGR customers recognize we deliver value like nobody else. Our talent, scalability, and flexibility are beyond compare when it comes to understanding and overcoming challenges faced by OEMs. Frankly, it’s why they have selected GS Global Resources for more than 40 years.

If OEMs find a comprehensive resource—where the complex simplifies, where peace of mind and mutual respect grow relationships, where competitive advantage and machine performance improve every time—there’s only one place to get it. That’s at GS Global Resources: Foremost in machine performance for life

Our Promise

We solve problems—to the benefit of both internal and external customers—and therefore to the benefit of GS Global Resources and all whose lives depend on it.

Our Mission

Build a machine performance powerhouse by creating customer competitive advantage through extraordinary expertise, execution, and service, resulting in employees engaging in meaningful, satisfying careers.

Our Values

Hard working – all day, every day to earn the admiration of our co-workers, customers, and vendors

Respectful – willing to listen, with a helpful disposition, to be a valuable contributor to the team

Intelligent – to make good decisions given the knowledge we possess and to gain more knowledge to get ahead in the world (and the company)

Thoughtful – we are humans, we act like a considerate human being, showing empathy, praise, joy, and sadness  – all as a part of being a positive human