Allied Manufacturers

Simplify the Complex

GS Global Resources (GSGR) is committed to our OEM customers and suppliers. We make a conscious and continuous effort to build long-term sustainable relationships.

At GSGR we work with companies to develop and embed a robust set of capabilities for optimizing supply manufacturing and distribution networks, drive sustainability and continuous improvement – “simplifying the complex”.  (For your convenience, we have direct links to our supplier’s websites below).

We strive to create value for our business partners are well as our customers. We recognize the important role vendors and suppliers play in helping us to meet the needs of our customers. That is why we continually foster healthy and mutually beneficial supplier and vendor relationships.

Supplier Standards

GSGR is committed to creating value for all our business partners. Product quality, safety, speed to market, engineered solutions, and superior customer service are an integral part of our culture.

We recognize that the relationship with our suppliers is critical to our success. While we strive to maintain successful long-term strategic partnerships with our suppliers, we also expect very high standards from them.