Fixed Displacement, High Torque, Low Speed

    • Kawasaki Staffa HMB Series

      Fixed Displacement, High Torque, Low Speed, Radial Piston Type Motors. The Kawasaki Staffa HMB series are high torque, low speed, fixed displacement, radial piston motors designed for rigorous industrial, marine and mobile applications. Displacement selection ranges from 11.5 in³ (188 cm³) to 708.0 in³ (11600 cm³). The rugged, well-proven design incorporates hydrostatic balancing techniques to […]

    • Parker MR* Series

      High Torque Fixed Displacement Radial Piston Motor. The Parker fixed displacement hydraulic motors ensure superior reliability and extended lifetime, supported by their high mechanical efficiency, high starting torque and advanced low friction and wear technology. These radial piston fixed displacement hydraulic motors have been specifically engineered for high mechanical and volumetric efficiency over a wide […]

    • Poclain MK Motor Series

      Radial Piston Cam-Lobe Hydraulic Motor – Drive Systems for Compactors. The Poclain “MK” motors are the smallest in the compact range (less than 30 kg). They are particularly suited to permit mounting of vibratory motors, incorporating a large central hollow shaft. The Compact Series “MK” motors are designed for vehicles requiring high-torque in a small […]