Swash Plate

Swash Plate Motor – Compact in Size, Fast Speed of Response.

Swash-Plate motors are similar to the bent-axis motors except that the swash plate inclination angle is varied instead of the cylinder block inclination angle. In order to vary the displacement of a swash-plate machine, a mechanism is used to vary the inclination angle of the swash plate. The greater the slant the further the pistons move and the more fluid they transfer.

In comparison to the bent-axis motor style, swash-plate motors are more compact, have a faster speed of response, but generate higher levels of noise.

These motors can be unidirectional or bidirectional.  Applications include excavators, cranes (crawler / rough terrain), crawler drills and pile drivers.

GSGR offers a wide variety of motors from well-known brands all with unique performance characteristics which are designed for superior, efficient system performance. Browse below to find an extensive range to choose from. Can’t find what you are looking for, the GSGR design team provides application assistance to determine the proper size and style of motor, contact us today to discuss your application needs.

    • Bondioli & Pavesi M4 MF

      Fixed Displacement Axial Piston, Swash Plate, Motors, from 21 cm³/rev to 125cm³/rev Up to 450 bar. The Bondioli & Pavesi M4 MF Series axial piston motors are designed to work both in an open and in a closed circuit. Closed circuit axial piston motors are used as hydrostatic transmission components, in conjunction with closed circuit […]

    • Bondioli & Pavesi M4 MV

      Variable Displacement Axial Piston Swashplate Motors, from 34 cm³ to 65 cm³. The Bondioli & Pavesi M4 MV series axial piston motors have been designed to work both in an open and in a closed circuit. Control systems actually available are making easy to use these motors in any application for the industrial and mobile […]

    • Linde Hydraulics HMF-02 (HMF-02/HMA-02)

      Fixed Displacement High Pressure. Fixed displacement motors for open and closed circuits with displacement size from 28 to 135 cc. Axial piston motor in swashplate design for high pressure open and closed circuit systems. Design characteristics HMF-02/HMA-02: Motor set to a fixed, customer-specific displacement ex-works. Displacements 135 thru 280.

    • Linde Hydraulics HMR-02

      Self-Regulating Motors for Open and Closed Circuits, Displacements from 55 to 210 cc. Linde Hydraulics regulating motors are suitable for open and closed loop operation. They are high-pressure regulated and shift to minimum displacement Vmin at system pressures below the regulation begin point. When the defined high-pressure regulation set point is reached, the motor smoothly […]

    • Linde Hydraulics HMV-02

      Variable Displacement Motors for Closed and Open Loop. High pressure hydrostatics Linde HMV-02 variable displacement motors. Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc. Axial piston motor in swashplate design for high pressure closed and opened circuit systems.

    • Linde Hydraulics HMV/R-02 PTO

      Torque Transmission | PTO Through-Drive Motor. Series 02 motors from Linde Hydraulics are different from those common in the market. Based on a standard Series 02 variable hydraulic motor with single shaft end, the PTO Through-Drive Motor features two shaft ends for torque transfer. This enables the hydraulic motor to be installed directly in the […]