Joystick Bases

We will Customize it to your Needs.

GS Global Resources (GSGR) has certified multiple joystick bases from several manufacturers with different electrical designs and mechanical capabilities providing the X, Y, and Z-axis motion of the joystick. Our products go beyond standard off-the-shelf to custom engineered solutions.

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    • OEM Controls BMS4, BJS1, BJS4 & BJS5

      Single & Dual-Axis “Bang-bang” (on-off) Controller. If on/off control is a requirement in your application, this series of controllers will meet your needs. The OEM Controls “Bang Bang Series”  (on-off) controllers- are a rugged, cost effective and the optimal choice. The BMS4 is a single axis controller, while the BJS1 , BJS4 & BJs5 are multi […]

    • OEM Controls HJS9

      Hall Effect Design, Analog Output, Dual Axis Controller. OEM Controls introduces the new HJS9 dual axis contactless controller featuring state-of-the-art microprocessor technology.  This contactless controller features a factory programmable output; proportional within 0-10V, ratiometric or absolute configuration.

    • OEM Controls HJS24 Multi Axis Controller

      Designed as a Throttle Controller for Shiting or Park Position in the Y Axis. Full CE rating for EMC (EMI, RFI and Magnetic Field) protection. Simple and rugged mechanical controller design. Contact Us for more information.

    • OEM Controls JS-8

      OEM Controls Introduces the New JS-8 Multi Axis Joystick Controller. Rugged design and versatile in a wide variety of applications, this controller enjoys a long life with compatibility between rocker grips or multi-grip control handles. Specifically designed to operate DigiSensors for the SuperFLEX Bus System, the JS-8 is compatible with all rocker grips as well […]

    • OEM Controls MS2/5

      Single Axis Controllers. The OEM Controls MS2/MS5 single axis controllers combine modular design, compact size and electronics capability, making the MS2/5 dependable in operations such as electrohydraulic proportional valves or variable speed drives. The MS controllers are unique due to cast upper housing with o-ring sealed shaft solution. The MS2 is a slightly larger flange than […]

    • OEM Controls MS6

      Designed for simplicity and cost-effectiveness. The OEM Controls MS6 single axis controller is simple and cost effective, with few moving or mechanically linked parts.  The potentiometer is direct-driven with no other coupling, cams, or hardware is needed.

    • OTTO JH

      Industrial Hall Effect Joystick. The OTTO JH Series Joystick has a dual magnet design and has been fashioned around a traditional 4-way hydraulic joystick. This design yields increased life, dependable performance, and a joystick with fully programmable sensors and temperature compensation logic. A wide variety of input and output configurations are available and it can […]

    • OTTO JHM

      Medium Hall Effect Joystick, Full Function Operator Control Package. The OTTO JHM Medium Hall Effect Joystick utilizes OTTO’s patented Hall effect technology for unmatched life and reliability. Designed for armrest and panel mounting, the JHM series is a full function operator control that features additional options including, but not limited to, a variety of grip […]


      High Reliability, Single Axis, Spring-Return-to-Center. The OTTO JHS-RC Single Axis Hall Effect Joystick utilizes OTTO’s patented Hall effect technology for unmatched life and reliability. Designed for panel mounting, the JHS-RC is a full function operator control and features additional options including, but not limited to, a variety of grip options, and redundant sensors. The JHS-RC0001 is […]

    • Parker IQAN-LC5

      Large, Rugged & Highly Flexible CAN-bus Joystick. The IQAN-LC5 is a large, coordinate joystick with a large mechanical life and full force stroke of >100Nm in any direction. With up to 5 axes available and a life span of over 5 million cycles, the LC5 is ideal in rugged conditions and designed to IP65 environmental sealing. […]

    • Parker IQAN-LSL

      Single Axis, Hall Effect Intended for the Proportional Control of One Double Acting Hydraulic Function. The Parker IQAN-LSL is a single-axis joystick that is focused on compact design, weather resistance, and safety. Lightweight with small installation dimensions, the IQAN-LSL features dual sensors for error checking to meet high safety requirements. The lever has several options including […]

    • Parker IQAN-LST

      Small, Paddle Type, Hall Effect Single Axis Joystick. The Parker IQAN-LST is a spring-centered dual sensor device that allows for error checking to meet high safety requirements. The LST can be mounted in the armrest or on the dashboard in mobile vehicles, and is easily actuated with a fingertip for good ergonomics.  The lever is covered […]

    • Penny & Giles JC100

      Single Axis Fingertip Joystick Controller. The Penny & Giles JC100 is a compact, low profile joystick that provides smooth, precise fingertip control in one axis. The JC100 fingertip joystick is sealed to IP66 to enable it to operate in extreme environments. With all the components contained within the paddle, and standing only 70mm high, it […]

    • Penny & Giles JC120

      Single Axis Fingertip Joystick Controller. The JC120 is a minimum width, low profile joystick that provides smooth, precise fingertip control in one axis with a choice of two lever lengths. Standing at 54 or 64mm high, all components are contained within the handle making it ideal for mounting in low profile panels and arm rests.

    • Penny & Giles JC150

      Rugged Single-Axis Joystick Controller. The JC150 is a single axis joystick designed for use with an electronic controller and can be used to control access platforms in a wide variety of applications. Completely customizable, the JC150’s functionality can be increased through many options, including, but not limited to, LED displays, potentiometers, switches, or handle variations. […]

    • Penny & Giles JC400

      Multi Axis Fingertip Controller, Compact Size & Functionality. The Penny & Giles JC400 was developed for use in applications where compact size and functionality are important. With analog output, the JC400 offers proportional fingertip control in up to three axes and features installation flexibility by using different forms of mounting flanges independent of the function […]

    • Penny & Giles JC1500

      Rugged Single Axis Contactless Joystick Controller. The JC1500 features a single axis control with spring-to-center or friction-hold lever action. It utilizes contactless rotary position sensor technology combined with a rugged, low profile design. The JC1500 also includes a second output to enable error checking of system integrity. Standard or custom handle options available.

    • Penny & Giles JC2000

      Multi Axis Contactless Joystick Controller, Designed for Precision, Fingertip Control Applications. The JC2000’s compact size, low operational force, and high reliability are ideal for applications which include robotics, coordiante measuring machines (CMM), camera controls, and remote operations. The JC2000 has two mounting flange options and can accommodate a choice of handles, including push-button switch versions. Available […]

    • Penny & Giles JC3000

      Finger Operated Joystick Controller, Designed for Applications Requiring a Simplistic Approach. The JC3000 can be configured as a dual or single axis controller. The operating rod of the joystick can accommodate a variety of different handle types. The JC3000 also features potentiometric or switched sensing, Hirose series multi-lock connector, and smooth operation in demanding environments. […]

    • Penny & Giles JC4000

      Hall Effect Joystick and Grip. The Penny & Giles JC4000 joystick base and accompanying range of grips have been designed for use in Aerial Work Platform (AWP) applications, with options for single- or dual-axis operation making the product suitable for both scissor lifts and booms. Three, dual-axis gates are available – round, square or plus […]

    • Penny & Giles JC6000

      Rugged Multiaxis Joystick Controller. The Curtiss-Wright (Penny & Giles) JC6000 rugged, CANbus joystick controller is designed for demanding operator control applications in off-highway vehicles and other human-machine interfaces (HMI), where strength, reliability, and grip functionality are important.  Available with single- or dual-axis configurations and can be supplied with non-contact, Hall-effect sensors or long-life joystick potentiometer. […]

    • Penny & Giles JC8000

      An Extremely Rugged Joystick Solution, with a Wide Variety of Grip Options. The Curtiss-Wright (Penny & Giles) JC8000 rugged joystick controller is designed for demanding operator control applications in off-highway vehicles, where extreme strength, reliability, and handle functionality are critical. The JC8000 is supplied with a non-contact, Hall-effect sensing system for maximum operational life. The […]

    • Williams WM-580

      A Hand-operated CAN-bus Joystick Device that Offers Single or Dual-Axis Control. The Curtiss-Wright (Williams Controls) WM-580 CAN-bus joystick is a hand-operated device that offers single or dual-axis control. During the design, Williams Controls worked directly with equipment operators on product designs under the supervision of a kinesiologist. The resulting grip and control options are designed […]