Cooling What You Power – Air Oil Coolers | Water Oil Coolers | Refrigerant

Coolers for hydraulic fluids normally use either water or air as the heat transfer medium. These two types are often referred to as oil-to water and oil-to-air coolers. Coolers are required when the heat generation rate of a system (either from internal or external sources) exceeds the heat dissipation rate from the reservoir, piping, and hardware.

GS Global Resources (GSGR) offers high efficiency, compact, cost-effective cooling solutions to meet your mobile and industrial heat dissipation requirements. At GS Global Resources our expert application engineers can implement a standard product or develop a custom cooling system to meet your unique application requirement. Standard catalog products are available with a short lead-time.

Hydraulic Cooling Systems:  Air Cooled (oil-to-air), Water Cooled (oil-to-water), Refrigerant (oil-to-refrigerant).