AC Drive – Compact, Cost-Effective, Certified for Division 2 Hazardous Locations.

VACON X5 HazLo is a first in the world of AC Drives. It has been certified for Class I, II and III; Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, F and G in a UL Type 4X enclosure. With the VACON X5 HazLo unique enclosure there is no longer a need for buy UL Type 7 enclosure to keep driving in harsh environments. The VACON X5 HazLo drive is much smaller and lighter to install. The keypad is highly accessible from the front face of the drive giving operator ability to control, program and view display locally at all times.

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Supply Voltages and Power Ranges (High Overload) - -
3 x 380-480 V. . . 10 to 75 HP (7.5 - 55 kW) -
3 x 575 V . . . . . . 10 to 75 HP (7.5 - 55 kW) -


Features and Benefits - -
- -
Robust Enclosure UL Type 4X environmental ratings for indoor/outdoor certified enclosure. No derating needed. No purging needed Compact size provides cost effective installation. No cooling concerns as an additional enclosure box is not needed
Integrated Brake Resistor Includes a brake resistor allowing it to better handle high inertial loads and warm up in cold conditions Reduced installation costs. Mount in low temperatures
Built-in Sequencer Features a built-in multi-step sequencer that can replace a small PLC in many applications Reduced investment costs. Flexible application programming
UL and cUL Standards UL- ANSI-ISA 12.12.01-2012, cUL- Canadian National Standard C22.2, No. 14.2010 and CAN/CSA CSS.2, No. 213-M 1987 -


Technical Data: - -
VACON X5C40400 and VACON X5C50400 Can be used for applications down to 20HP
- -
Warning: - -
VACON ® X5 HazLo ® should only be applied in approved hazardous locations Check the user manual for specific classifications
- -
Enclosure: - -
There is no longer a need for bulky UL Type 7 enclosure to keep driving in harsh environments. The VACON X5 HazLo drive is much smaller and lighter to install -
Application -
VACON® X5 HazLo®AC Drives are ideal for a variety of applications such as: - -
Petroleum Refineries Gasoline storage and dispensing areas
Dry Cleaning Plants Where vapors from cleaning fluids can be present
Spray Finishing Areas -
Aircraft Hangars Fuel servicing areas
Utility Gas Plants And operations involving storage and handling of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas
Water and Wastewater Facilities -
- -
Applications in Class 2 and Class 3, Div. 2 Locations: - -
Grain Elevators Flour and feed mills
Producers of Plastics, Medicines and Fireworks -
Producers of Starch or Candies -
Spice-Grinding Plants, Sugar Plants and Cocoa Plants -
Coal Preparation Plants And other carbon handling or processing areas
Textile Mills Cotton gins; cotton seed mills, flax processing plants and plants that shape, pulverize or cut wood and create sawdust


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