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Increase productivity of your machine by having a centralized control unit that is amazingly user-friendly. Parker offers the tools to create a premium human machine interface (HMI) for your machine. It is an agricultural, bus, construction or forestry solution; you can combine all essential applications into one easy-to-use HMI display. Include all the functions your customers may want; the number of apps is unlimited. It’s completely your design. View Parker Pro Display 10″.

• Easy-to-use PC programming tool for development of complex and specific HMI apps. The tool doesn’t require any special programming skills.
• A short time to market with modifiable Parker example apps and UI components
• Fast and reliable development of data management and communication interfaces, with drag-and-drop protocol layers
• Independent development of each app
• Possibility to integrate third-party software

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Enables creation of HMI applications covering instrumentation, controls and adjustments on the Pro Display 10 -
Applications can be modified allowing OEMs to customize displays to best suit the markets they serve and their end customers -


Building Block - -
Includes number of time-saving building blocks (such as the J1939 protocol suite) that implement interfaces and communications, as well as extract data in an intelligent manner to allow for efficient built-in diagnostics and alarm features -
Based on an advanced scripting language (QML) with drag-and-drop functionality and a full WYSIWYG editor -
Includes many ready-made components and a style guide with professional default theme for quick and easy programming of applications -
Features System Project, a special project type which can be imported as a part of each actual application project -
Control system setup standardizes common system data and defines boundaries and rules for applications -


Features and Benefits: - -
Core functionality 'To operate the machine, create functionality apps for instrumentation, controls and adjustments, such as dashboard, ISOBUS and harvester head control
Efficiency 'Design applications such as auto-steering, auto-levelling, weighing management, fleet management, augmented camera views, bus route manager, maps and navigation applications to help operators’ daily work
Reduce downtime Reduce downtime when performing the core job by creating diagnostics, prognostics, integrated documentation, geo- fencing, immobilizer and load moment indicator apps.
'Entertainment/Infotainment 'Bring all entertainment and infotainment systems into one display, such as the mobile phone app, media player, radio and bus sign management
Personal Tools Provide tools like a journal, calculator to help the operator increase their productivity


Intelligent Data Management - -
Parker provides Device Suite, which implements an interface into many hardware devices, and J1939 Suite for standard communication with CAN-bus -
- -
Parker's Communication Suite includes generic protocols for extracting, generating and manipulating data -
- -
With this special ‘block library’, you can define and manage different communication interfaces in your machine CAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB. System functionality can be expanded by creating new devices and protocols to manipulate the real world data
- Each signal path provides information about its health, which can be utilized with UI components
- For example, a gauge can change its pointer color or blink the pointer if the corresponding data signal health has some problems


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