Parker IQAN Tool Kits – Crimping and Extraction

Parker’s IQAN tool kits are perfect accessories to support servicing Saab branded connectors from AMP/Tyco and Molex MX123 connectors from Molex that are used on some of the IQAN controller and expansion modules.

Parker’s IQAN tool kits deliver everything you need to service IQAN connectors in the field. There are 2 distinct kits, each dedicated to a particular connector system. With crimping tools, extractors and spare connector parts contained in each kit they are perfect for service technicians working on mobile equipment.

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Features and Benefits: - -
All necessary tools included in kit -
Spare pins and seals to eliminate lost time getting parts -
- -
The tool kit for Saab braned connectors manufactures by AMP/Tyco contains: - -
3 crimping tools -
A 3 piece extraction tool set -
A spare parts box of pins and seals -
The spare parts box and extraction tool set are also sold separately. The tools and parts provided are specific to the AMP/Tyco connects. -
- -
The tool kit for Molex MX123 contains: - -
Crimper handle -
2 die sets -
Extractor handle -
2 extractor blades -
Spare pins and spare seals -
For tools that are compatible with other connector systems used in IQAN modules (e.g. Deutsch, Molex Microfit) please refer to the manufacturer's website -


Applications Any mobile equipment or vehicle -
- -
Markets - -
Mobile -
Transportation -

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