OEM Controls BMS4, BJS1, BJS4 & BJS5

Single & Dual-Axis “Bang-bang” (on-off) Controller.

If on/off control is a requirement in your application, this series of controllers will meet your needs. The OEM Controls “Bang Bang Series”  (on-off) controllers- are a rugged, cost effective and the optimal choice. The BMS4 is a single axis controller, while the BJS1 , BJS4 & BJs5 are multi axis controllers.

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Axis-Options Single and dual BJS5 is dual
Lever Angle (Degrees) BMS4-50°, BJS1-48°, BJS5-50°, Center to full: 37°
Lever Actuation Spring return to center Lift to release option
Life Cycles 1 million ­-
Locks-Detents BMS4 Lift to release center- End Detent options BJS5Lift to release End Detent to directions


Resolution Controller dependent ­-
Supply Voltage (Vdc) Systems supply or regulated ­-
Output Control Signal-Potentiometric or Hall Effect Switch control -
Output Voltage Range % System voltage -
Directional Safety Switches BMS4=6,BJS1,BJS4=4 BSJ5=4
Controller Input Impedance (OHM)Ω ­- ­-
CAN Control ­- ­-
Protocol ­- ­-
Communication ­- ­-
Connection Terminal strip, lead wire, others -


Operating Temperature Range ­40°C to +70°C ­-
Storage Temperature Range ­40°C to +70°C ­-
Environmental Protection IP54 Above panel


Handle Solutions Ball- or lift to release Clevis lock option
Inputs from Handle ­- ­-
External Inputs (Other than handle) ­- ­-
Other - -

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