New Danfoss DC drive system for the beverage industry: VLT® FlexConcept Advanced™

At Drinktec 2017, Danfoss presented a completely new drive concept for the beverage industry. The DC-based system – VLT® FlexConcept Advanced ™ – is simple, modular, exceptionally easy to wire and very energy efficient.

– Monday, 11 September 2017 By Danfoss Drives

  • Lower energy costs because of load sharing between motors
  • Savings in cabling by elimination of control cabinets
  • Can also be installed as an island solution within a conventional facility

VLT® FlexConcept Advanced ™ is designed to implement applications based on DC voltage supply with the advantage of close to zero transmission losses. The system consists of a power supply, the MSD, for the supply of up to 15 drives with 560 V DC, depending on the load situation, and the new IGD Integrated Gear Drive. This is the One Gear Drive with the integrated ISD® 510 control electronics of the Integrated Servo Drive – of course, the classic ISD® 510 can also be used within this DC voltage system.

What are the benefits of DC technology for beverage systems?
Less investment: The central control cabinets with their converters, including cabling as far as the motor, are no longer necessary, and only very small power cabinets with PLC, main distribution, backup fuses and line chokes are required. In addition, cabling with a network cable and a hybrid cable from the MSD to the drive makes this very simple and more cost-effective than previous solutions.

The main benefit is that the energy consumption using the VLT® FlexConcept Advanced™ drops significantly and permanently: the connection of several drives in one line via DC link allows perfect load sharing. In this case, accelerating drives use the generator-fed energy from braking motors, which makes the system very efficient.

Another benefit of the VLT® FlexConcept Advanced™ is that it can be used as a solution within a classically installed existing system at any time. The two-circuit system also provides advantages for load peaks, as well as the starting currents, since the required energy can be taken from the other drives in the circuit.

In addition, the user gains degrees of freedom through the open software architecture and, for example, the connection to the intelligence of the PLC. If you have to change a drive, the new one is simply registered in the PLC and automatically loads the data record instead of having to get parameters from an operator.

Users and system builders profit equally from the slim system and the resulting simple planning, assembly, operation and spare parts maintenance.

For the beverage industry, Danfoss and KHS are cooperating to market the VLT® FlexConcept Advanced™.